Quiet Gathering Score

This Quiet Gathering is an online group contemplation and making practice that is evolving from participatory performance practices begun in The Quiet Circus. You are welcome to attend: Saturdays at 11a.m. EST. You can email david at headlong dot org with questions and to RSVP.

Quiet Gathering

We gather alone/ together, living and breathing according to the people who show up. We reflect on the week that has passed. We practice remaking the world.

Empathy Practice - these questions form a contemplative context for the 1-hour structure that follows.

How did I come to this place/ moment? How did you come to this place/moment? How did we come to this place/ moment?

Structure - 1 hour

  1. testify your space/place - this can be silent or spoken, a gesture or movement with your camera that helps others to connect to the space you are in

  2. quiet meeting - @25 min. speak/ share if you feel moved to speak/share, it is like a quaker meeting!

  3. manifesting: 5 - 10 minutes of making on your own (making/ doing/ writing/ reading/ dancing) from what arises during this gathering

  4. each person shares what they made, what arose - up to 30 seconds; you can choose not to share

  5. we say goodbye

Optional prompts for making/ manifesting:

  1. Being along together. Make something that is about being alone, together.

  2. Illness. El amor en los tiempos del cólera/ Love in the time of cholera

  3. A Gift. Make something that is a gift.

  4. A New Kind of Sharing Space. Usually, performance takes place in a single shared physical or material space. Then there are the ideas of space used in film and television. This space will be different than those. When we gather in real time from our separate homes and spaces, something interesting can happen in that we are peeking into and sharing multiple spaces that may be more personal and private. We are sharing/ inhabiting multiple physical and material spaces at the same time. Make something responsive to this new kind of sharing space.

  5. Remaking the World. What do you dream the world can be that is much better than the world we’ve left behind? What is something that manifests the future that could be?

After the Gathering is over, 15 minutes of optional social time.